How we can help ?

We can help you in the entire lifecycle of lead generation to lead conversion with focus on your ROI & profitability. If you are just starting out in your digital marketing journey, we can help you to kickstart it with lead generation in rapid quick time. If you are an established digital marketer, we can help you to generate more leads at low cost to boost your ROI.

Lead Generation

Lead Grading & Nurturing

Digital Marketing Consulting

With our lead grading process, you can reduce your lead conversion cost and further enhance your marketing ROI. Need help with your existing marketing investments for lead generation, be it Google Adwords, Social media advertising or Email marketing? Take our consulting assistance and discover the difference between run-of-the-mill digital marketing agencies and us!

Our Solutions

We understand that hiring a digital marketing agency is a high stake decision for you. So we make it easy for you to take a decision with our low investment packaged solutions. Start with the low cost Bronze package with lead generation at as low as $2 per lead (for B2C leads) and upgrade any time to higher packages if you like our services. Or use our expertise in lead grading to get high quality leads ready for conversion in Silver package.

If you want to increase your marketing ROI, take a quick audit of your existing digital marketing practices along with our high quality leads in the Gold package. Delighted with our services? Upgrade to Platinum package and get high quality leads with ongoing consulting assistance to get assured ROI on your investment!

Special Price: $2/lead
Min. Spend: $500/month


Basic lead generation at low cost


Special Price: $3-4/lead
Min. Spend: $1000/month


Lead generation
Lead grading (automated/ manual)

Special Price: $3-4/lead
Min. Spend: $1500/month


Lead generation
Lead grading (automated/ manual)
Lead Nurturing
One time consulting & review of existing digital marketing methods & ROI

Special Price: $3-4/lead
Min. Spend: $2000/month


Lead generation
Lead grading (automated/ manual)
Lead Nurturing
Ongoing consulting assistance linked to business objectives & ROI

Pick any Plan and we will see that you get the BEST results !!

Consulting & Digital Marketing Clients

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Who We Are

  • Founders alumni of IIT/IIM/MIT
  • 28+ years of consulting experience
  • 20+ years of digital marketing experience
  • Featured in CNBC Young Turks

And Yes...

We are different

  • We combine the power of consulting with
    expertise in digital marketing
  • We deliver your business objectives,
    others only deliver ads


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